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The Perrywinkle's Heritage

Our History

Since 1979, Perrywinkle’s has handcrafted its fine and high jewelry pieces with the intricacy and precision of a fine timepiece. Inspired by Rolex, Perrywinkle’s founder Perry Sporn envisioned an American jewelry brand to rival the finest European ateliers.

Stunning and Sustainable

Stunning and Sustainable

In 2008, Perrywinkle’s received the esteemed distinction of becoming an Official Rolex Jeweler, a true badge of honor signifying Perrywinkle’s tireless pursuit of excellence. This acknowledgment inspired Perrywinkle’s to continue advancing its artform by gaining sustainability certification for its exclusive North American atelier.

Our Community Is At The Heart Of Our Heritage

Our Community Is At The Heart Of Our Heritage

Perrywinkle’s is devoted to serving our local community with an enduring dedication to excellence. We pride ourselves on honoring the legacies of our clients and their cherished heirlooms, ensuring they are preserved for future generations. Our showroom offers a welcoming atmosphere for customers to explore a world of luxury and tradition, seamlessly blending our rich heritage with the unique charm of Burlington.

Rolex Logo
Rolex Logo
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